HCM Data Migration Xpert Package

HCM Data Migration

Lower costs, go-live faster, expedite legacy system retirement and accelerate ROI from your new HCM system.

The Providence HCM Data Migration Xpert Package is a turnkey data migration solution that combines a vendor agnostic
approach, purpose built HCM Data Migration Xpert technology and expertise with the most prominent HCM
solutions for faster, more accurate, lower cost HCM data migrations.

If migrating complex HCM data is not your expertise, why struggle when Providence Technology Solutions can make
data migration easy for you? Think of all the areas in your own life where you hire experts to ensure your success.

Providence, “The HCM Technology and Data Migration Xperts” do the “heavy lifting”. You stay focused on your
business and HCM innovation while Providence takes care of moving the data so you don’t have to.

Providence Technology Solutions Data Services ensures you migrate to your new HCM system faster, with greater accuracy and lower cost.


Providence HCM Data Migration Xpert Package:

Data Migration Readiness Assessment Data Migration Standard Data Types Includes
  • Project Kickoff Workshop
  • Data Extraction Analysis
  • Test Data Validation
  • Legacy Systems Data Dictionary
  • Data Element Attribute Map
  • Findings & Recommendations Report
  • Requirements & Analysis
  • Design, Develop, & QA Test
  • Extract, Translate, & Validate Data
  • Prepare & Populate Data
  • Target System Data Load Templates
  • Core HR
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Time & Attendance
  • (1) Data source (Vendor & System file/database where data us extracted from)
  • (3) File iterations (Initial, QA & final load) for each data source
  • YTD current history for each data source
  • Additional data sources. history & file iterations can be added at additional cost
  • Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance, Compensation, & other data types can be added at additional cost
  • Pre-migration data clean-up can be provided at additional cost
  • Data Cleanliness Program is 15% of package fee per year.  Quarterly check-ups year 1, bi-annually year 2+




Data Migration Readiness Assessment

Validate readiness by moving three (3) to five (5) representative employee records through the migration process (identification, extraction, mapping, translation, import preparation) as a pilot migration.

Step 1 - Project Kickoff Workshop: involving Client and Providence: 

  • Scope exercise, assign roles and commence first round of activities.
  • Identify sources and data entities to move, discuss target system requirements.
  • Identify in-house stakeholders to participate in the assessment and subsequent migration.
  • Determine three (3) to five (5) representative employee records that cover all use cases.

Step 2 - Data Extraction Analysis: 

  • Flat-file data, metadata and documentation made available for each source entity identified.

Step 3 - Test Data Validation:

  • Validate extraction process, tools, security transmission and profiling techniques.
  • Validate content, structure, semantics, quality and relationships of source data elements.
  • Validate data and risks to cleanliness and access to the chosen test data elements.

Step 4 - Create Legacy System Data Dictionary:

  • Analyze source data elements/entities structure, relationships and use within legacy system.
  • Determine critical structural differences and definitions between source and target entities.
  • Create high-level mapping and transformation requirements including; merging, aggregating, joining and de-duplication and identification of any associated risks.

Step 5 - Data Element/Entity and Attribute Mapping: 

  • Examine attributes of source and target elements/entities.
  • Establish mapping and transformation rules to ensure source data meets target system vendor requirements.

Step 6 - Findings and Recommendations Report - Presented by Providence: 

  • Executive summary and business value analysis.
  • Legacy data dictionary and mapping documents.
  • Detailed migration plan with data elements/entities, resource needs and timeline(s).
  • Risk identification and mitigation strategies to execute prior to full data migration.
  • Recommendation(s) for archival of initial and historical data not being migrated.

HCM Data Migration

HCM Data Migration is the extraction, translation, transformation and movement of data from a legacy source system into the target system format. Typically, a new target system includes different functionality and processes that require data changes. Legacy source data may require clean-up (e.g. correcting addresses, de-duplicating), which is usually performed in the legacy source system prior to migration.

Step 1 – Requirements and Analysis:

  • Define data requirements, approach and responsibilities. High-level requirements systematically distilled into a detailed Requirements Tractability Matrix.
  • Define the scope of data to be migrated and migration rules. Data profiling of 100% of the data to be migrated, to assess data quality, volume and number of variants.
  • Define and agree on any data clean-up to be performed, prior to migration.
  • Define total migration approach and relevant components (all data sources, all variants).
  • Decide on single migration (big bang), phased or incremental approach.

Step 2 – Design, Develop and QA/Unit Test:

  • Design how each data item will be mapped and migrated from source to target system.
  • Design how the migration will be validated through testing.
  • Define non-functional aspects (i.e. performance / time window for the full migration).
  • Develop and QA and unit test migration processes against legacy system test data.

Step 3 – Extract, Translate and Validate Legacy Data:

  • Testing of the new system with prepared test data (precondition for the next steps).
  • Trial migrations to validate all procedures and jobs required to properly migrate data.
  • Testing of the new system processes (end-to-end) with the migrated data.

Step 4 – Prepare and Populate Data into Target System Data Load Templates:

  • Build the target system templates.
  • Extract data from Providence standard tables, populate the target system templates.
  • Validate source data correctly populated into target system templates.
  • Work with Client and target system vendor points of contact to confirm data is ready for go-live.
  • Produce and provide the final migration templates to target system vendor.

Step 5 – Deliver Target System Data Load Templates and Project Close Out:

  • Provide completed target system templates for upload into production environment.
  • Support Client validation of data in new environment and resolve any errors identified.

Data Cleanliness Program

Commences upon new system production go-live date. Quarterly during year (1) and bi-annually in subsequent years, a Providence consultant will work with the Client to ensure migrated data is maintained properly and to identify risk areas before data cleanliness becomes an issue.

Supporting Documents: 

  • Discovery Questionnaire
  • Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Master Service Agreement (MSA)
Data File Imports and Exports included in the Data Migration Xpert Package: 
  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • Comma-Separated (.CSV)
  • SQL
  • Text (.TXT)
  • XML
  • HTML
  • PDFs

Standard Types of Data included in the Data Migration Xpert Package:

  • Master file Employee and Opening Balance Excel Template - Required to provide the master file and opening balance source data in the target system layout.
  • Contacts, Dependents & Beneficiaries - Used to upload contacts, dependents and beneficiaries covered under the employees’ benefit plans.
    Required for Interfaces.

Optional data types that can be migrated as part of the Data Migration Xpert Package:

  • Optional HR Information - such as skills, licenses, education, multiple jobs, allocations, etc.
  • Optional History Information - such as job, status and review history. This upload may incur an additional fee; Client must review their contract for details.
  • Global Employee Information - Information for employees working outside of the U.S.
  • Third Party Pay - Individual check history to be loaded into HRIS.
  • Configurable Fields - Allows data import into configurable fields established using platform configuration.

Currency Conversion:

  • Convert local currency in to US dollars at a designated point in time.


In addition to our HCM Data Migration Xpert Package, we offer additional data services that include a Readiness Assessment and a Data Cleanliness Program.  For additional information on our Data Service, please click here.  

Providence’s extensive practical HCM implementation experience across a diverse set of vendors and clients along with our world-class data management expertise and our HCM Xpert Series software tools enables us to complete HCM data migrations faster, more accurately and at a lower cost.

Providence Technology Solutions listens and understands that your business is unique, and we work with you to provide custom solutions, tailored to your specific needs.  Delivered with our Strategic Advisory team, HCM Consulting, Data (Audit, Clean-up, and Migration), and HR IT Staffing solutions.  We advocate for you, and if we do not have a solution that fits your need, we will either create one by building what you need specifically, or refer you to someone whom we think could be of assistance.  

Questions? Contact our experienced human resource consultants online, email info@theptsteam.com or call 904.719.8264 today.