HCM Data Migration Xpert Package

HCM Data Migration involves extraction, translation, transformation and movement of data from a legacy source system into the target system format. Typically, a new target system includes different functionality or changed processes that require data changes. Legacy source data may require clean-up (e.g. correcting addresses, de-duplicating), which is usually performed in the legacy source system prior to migration. 

Step 1 – Requirements and Analysis:

  • Define data requirements, approach and responsibilities.
  • Distill high-level assessment requirements into detailed Requirements Traceability Matrix.
  • Define migration data scope and migration rules.
  • Profiling of 100% of migration data to assess data quality, volume and number of variants.
  • Define and agree on any data clean-up to be performed, prior to migration.
  • Define total migration approach and relevant components (all data sources, all variants).
  • Decide on single migration (big bang), phased or incremental approach.

Step 2 – Design, Develop and QA/Unit Test:

  • Design how each data item will be mapped and migrated from source to target system.
  • Design how the migration will be validated through testing.
  • Define non-functional aspects (i.e. performance / time window for the full migration).
  • Develop and QA and unit test migration processes against legacy system test data.

Step 3 – Extract, Translate and Validate Legacy Data:

  • Testing of the new system with prepared test data (precondition for the next steps).
  • Trial migrations to validate all procedures and jobs required to properly migrate data.
  • Testing of the new system processes (end-to-end) with the migrated data.

Step 4 – Prepare and Populate Target System Data Load Templates:

  • Build the target system templates.
  • Extract data from Providence standard tables, populate the target system templates.
  • Validate source data correctly populated into target system templates.
  • Work with Client and target system vendor points of contact to confirm data is ready for go-live.
  • Produce and provide the final migration templates to target system vendor.

Step 5 – Deliver Target System Data Load Templates and Project Close Out:

  • Provide completed target system templates for upload into production environment.
  • Support Client validation of data in new environment and resolve any errors identified.

In addition to our HCM Data Migration Xpert Package, we offer additional data services that include a Readiness Assessment and a Data Cleanliness Program.  For additional information on our Data Service, please click here.  

Providence Data Migration Xpert Package, a turnkey solution that removes the burden for clients to timely and accurately migrate complex HCM data from their legacy source systems into their new target HCM solution. 

Providence’s extensive practical HCM implementation experience across a diverse set of vendors and clients along with our world-class data management expertise and our HCM Xpert Series software tools enables us to complete HCM data migrations faster, more accurately and at a lower cost.

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