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      Providence Technology Safe@Work Solution

      COVID19 Management Technology: Safe@Work Solution

      Tackling COVID-19, Employee Health And Future Pandemics

      2020 has been taken over by COVID 19 and shifting companies to either shut-down altogether or transition into a remote cloud environment to keeping businesses open and progressing forward.  The 'future of work' is here! Align your business with your 'new normal'!  As we prepare for the future of work and reopening, Providence offers a Safe@Work Work Solution to keep you, your employees, visitors, and clients safe, and is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all health and crisis management.   

      As your all in one solution for crisis management and processes (including COVID-19), assembling your task force, staying compliant, mitigating risk, tracking PPE usage, social distancing practices(by location), contact tracing and quarantine processes management processes, automating processes and triggering checklists and relevant activities depending on the trigger.  Including tracing, incident response, compliance reporting, and data to make informed decisions based on facts for the safety of your employees, customers, and community.  Providence Technology Safe@Work Platform monitors all work locations, departments, workers statuses', traveling, integrate with enterprise, other COVID-19, and tracing applications for all industries.  Complimented by the Safe@Work App for your COVID-19 task force to complete self assessments, communication, and assessments on behalf of others. 

      Avoid fines, penalties, shut-downs, and loss of employees by ensuring safety measures with a technology that can be tailored to fit your return to work strategy with the support of technology experts to help you with your needs.  Plan, implement, and maintain the safety needed to return to work confidently, ensuring employees, clients, visitors, customers, and others by effectively communicating on what you are doing to keep everyone safe moving forward.  

      Stay compliant and follow fluid safety regulations and guidelines provided by the CDC, WHO, states, cities, and internal policies to keep everyone safe and to mitigate risk by using a solution that keeps you compliant and integrates with your technology infrastructure and tracks processes you may be already starting to implement by automating them into the system.  

      Our Safe@Work Solution is an easily configurable application for tracking, monitoring, compliance reporting, and much more that includes the following features: 

      • Command Center
      • Hands-free
        • Temperature checks
        • Touchless log-in/out
        • Facial recognition 
      • Self-assessments and on-going self-assessment
      • Surveys for wellness and adoption
      • Incident management
        • Triggering workflows and checklists
      • Workspace allocation, enforcing social distancing
      • Scheduling and rostering
      • Safe@Work App
      • Standard operating procedures for safety and hygiene processes
      • Training for Safe@Work Managers and their employees including PalmLeaf eLearning
      • Integrate with COVID19 Prevention Technologies
        • Thermal scanning
        • Touchless entry/exiting
        • Contact tracing
      • Integrate with your HCM/HRIS/HRMS and/or additional applications like Time and Attendance
        • Examples: SAP, Oracle, Workday, Kronos, Ultimate Software, Ceridian Dayforce, etc.
      • Implementation: 4 weeks

      Tackle key challenges that we now are faced with by using a technology you can trust, providing a complete, one-stop-shop solution to return to work safely after COVID 19 and any other future health crisis.  A few challenges this technology resolves to include the following: 

      • Monitoring employee health
      • Monitoring all employees across multiple sites/locations
      • Monitoring PPE usage
      • Monitoring social distancing
      • Tracking social hygiene and sanitation processes across all sites/locations
      • Detection and immediate notification of non-compliance
      • Employee tracking and contact tracing in the even of infection
      • Processes to implement and train employees on regulations and guidelines 
      • Communication with employees on health information, warning, etc. 
      • Training on COVID preventive measures, procedures, and protocols

      Safe@Work Technology Specifications:

      • Built on Microsoft Dynamics 360 CE cloud-based platform
      • Integrates with other enterprise and other COVID-19 applications
      • Touch-less sign in/out, service requests, COVID-19 incident management, business travel, workspaces, conference rooms, parking lots, ancillary rooms
      • Employee contact information (dept., workspace, room, location, etc.), DILO journeys, incident tracking, service requests
      • Notifications: email, SMS, critical alerts, warning, SLAs

      Safe@Work App Features:

      • Up to 14-day employee route history
      • Partially-customizable admin panel
      • Partially-customizable insights
      • Breach trigger notifications to employee + admin
      • The current safety level of employee
      • Auto-scanning of body temperature
      • Built on Microsoft Power BI

      We can help you with this unique 'new normal', starting with discussing your specific requirements, the current state with regard to reopening, industry, locations, sites, employees, etc. To schedule a demonstration at your convenience, please complete the form below. 

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      Whether you are looking to automate your manual return to work process into an application, starting completely from scratch, or somewhere in between, we can help you find what will work for your needs and requirements. 

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